Real Talk About Business, Politics, Current Events And Pop Culture And Real Life Stuff And Banter.
We Try To Have Fun And Hope You Enjoy It As Well. Listen To Normally Buttoned Up Businessmen Be Loose And Sometimes Show Their Middle School Side But Have Fun With It.

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Steve Lindstrom

Jack Miller

H. Jack Miller

Karen Huller, Epic Career Tales talks to Jack Miller 8-2018

Danielle Jbali

Star of TLC 90 Day Fiance
Paul Staehle

Paul Staehle

Star of TLC before the 90 Day Season 1 and 2

Worried about someone? Unsure how to approach one who may be struggling? Search no more!

The system of giving people life # time tenured professorships, where they can’t be fired and make money regardless of there actions is a bad thing and schools need to get away from it.

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