“Kol Hakavod Jack! You are a true inspiration and a beacon of hope and optimism for Ahm Yisrael! How appropriate it is to read your email now, as we prepare to begin our journey of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in our homeland. You are inspiring our fellow Jews to bond with Ahm Yisrael, Torat Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael” Rabbi EM


“Wow, to think we have known each other for 35 years. What a great journey its been? We learned so ich together early on! The memories of Gelt in Bucks County were the best! I wish you and your family another 100 years. It was great working for, beside you and truly being a friend.” CB Co-Worker


“What a journey! They broke the mold after you.” BW Co-Worker


“Thanks so much for lunch and the conversation. You are amazing’ CB Partner


“True. And I have to give you a compliment – accountant you may not be, but you definitely know your stuff! You are a pleasure to work for, and I mean that” SC Co-Worker 


“Hi jack it’s L / B you are the definition of a mentsch! So kind of you” L and B R Freind



“In prior years you’ve sent us such nice messages that I’ve been keen to return the gesture and just this once, beat you to the punch _ You two have challenged the way we think about relationships- in a profound way. I’m grateful that we remain linked through our lingering deals, and our common love of real estate, personal growth, and giving back to others” DR Partner


” To augment, as Rosh Hashanah approaches, I find myself filled with gratitude for the fruitful collaborations we’ve shared in commercial real estate. The income you’ve helped us generate has not only been a blessing for me personally but has also empowered us to create more compassion in the world. I am committed to, and have been, using these resources to contribute to the betterment of others and our planet. As we celebrate the New Year, i draw inspiration from the Jewish tradition of renewing ourselves and our intentions, each year, to be even more generous and dedicated to the practice of Tikkun Olam” AN Partner


“What a nice email Jack. Well said, and obviously hearıelt. I have to tell you – I feel lucky to work for such a good company with such a caring and wonderful owner. And I mean that sincerely. Thank you for all that you do ” SC Co-Worker


“One of the most hard working reputable guys in the lending biz” GS Commercial lender


” I just want to sincerely thank you for your kind care and support. I truly love the Miller family, certainly for reasons that go far beyond business. Yes, at age 70, you are permitted wax philosophically about things that matter in life (not that I’m opposed to a profit every now and then 😉 ) That said, there is no substitute for the care and friendship you have afforded me. It is appreciated more than you know.” SR Partner


“I often think about you and how indebted I am to you for giving me the opportunity that you gave me. While we both know that is impacted thousands of people. It really impacted me forever” ES


“Jack: Congratulations on closing this deal albeit with all the lawyers involved it was very difficult, but you stayed the course. I am especially happy that you and Noah were partners with us on this deal.   You and I both do these deals because we love doing them and enjoy the action.  It is truly a pleasure doing deals with you and Noah and I hope that we can do some more of these deals together in the future. Stay well SG Partner


“Jack Miller, having known you and working with you for countless number of years I can tell you anyone whose life you intersect will only become better and better. You have a tremendous spirit and goodness that has guided you in all the ups and downs of life and that reflects on your beautiful family. Stay Blessed” TS Partner



” Wishing you and your beautiful family a freilchein Chanukah! May this Chanukah be inspiring and full of light. Thank you for your partnership, guidance, and support—I am so grateful to be on this journey with you!” LI


“You are incredible Jack. Thank you so much for your generosity and for being you! ” AZ


Jack you are unreal!!!!! No words, seriously! Thanks soioooooooo much!!!!!!!!



“OMG JACK!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how much it means that you reply so quickly and jump to help. You are a real role model and HaShem should only bless you with revealed good in all of your endeavors!!! Of course, as the Rebbe would encourage, both spiritual and physical!! Thank a million, I really cannot thank you enough” BA